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About us

Two brothers with a shared passion for craft beer and music, that’s us !

We combine the richness and tradition of our Belgian beer culture with new ingredients and techniques to create innovative and tasty craft beers.

Music has always played an important role in our life. We both play guitar and enjoy a vast range of different music styles.

So, with BrewFever we encourage you to discover and enjoy the richness of craft beer and music.

Cheers !


Our beers

We blend innovation and tradition by using modern techniques and new ingredients to create tasty craft beers.  All our beers are created and brewed in Belgium.


Our first beer, a full bodied golden ale with pronounced hop taste and balanced,smooth bitterness.

Blonde thirst-quenching and refreshing Session IPA with citrus flavour. Dryhopped with Cascade & Simcoe.

American Pale Ale, combining a balanced bitterness with hints of sweet caramel. Perfect companion when you've got the blues. Slide it in !

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